The Commonplace Living Project seeks to bring together and create a space where wonderers can grow, be refreshed, explore, brainstorm and think out loud together.

Human history is a living conversation, and it continues to move and breath and birth ideas into the world. Commonplace books, and now in a communal way, Commonplace Living, allow us to pause amidst the movement, to capture the wonders, big and small, that we come across in the everyday.

Commonplace Living is made up of a growing group of individuals who come together to share their ideas, quotes they come across, paintings that strike them, moments in their daily living. This “living commonplace book” is most tangibly present on the Commonplace Living blog, The Common Things, with our Facebook and Instagram pages serving as an extension of this communal book.

In the coming months, we hope to launch the Commonplace Shoppe, The Commons, and the hope is to launch a press that will release “primers for the everyman.”

The best way to join in is to send us your ideas below and subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter, The Sunday Book, which gathers together highlights from the blog. Subscribe by clicking here.

The Wonderers

Jess Sweeney

Founder, an Art Historian

Terence Sweeney

a Philosopher

michelle falcetano.jpg

Michelle Falcetano

a Philosopher


Jonathan Peasley

a Classical School Teacher


Fr. Tim Danaher

a Dominican priest

beth kephart.jpg

Beth Kephart

an Author of memoirs, YA novels and more

maria nicklaus.JPG

Maria Nicklaus

a Student

Tom Ward pic.jpg

Thomas M. Ward

a Baylor University Professor of Philosophy


Colleen Coleman

a Classical School Teacher


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