An Unanticipated Hiatus

Dear Commonplacers,

Firstly, I write this to all of you realizing that I have failed at getting you The Sunday Book newsletters for many, many weeks now. For this I apologize. But I wanted to reach out now to tell you that this is what my nightstand has looked like for several weeks now, four months to be exact:

My nightstand

My nightstand

And so this is the reason for the unexpected hiatus. The little person growing inside of me has been working diligently to become as healthy as possible, and this means that I have had dwindling energy to give to all of you here, The Commonplace Living community. This unexpected hiatus has caused me to slow down and simplify, and for at least the first four months that meant that slowly Commonplace Living came to a halt. The morning hours, evening hours, and weekend hours that I had been excitedly devoting to Commonplace soon were filled with very, very long naps, sleeping in as late as possible before getting to work, just sitting and taking it in (all the joy and wonder, but also the fear and feeling of being overwhelmed).

So if you’ve been waiting for the next wonderful poem by Beth Kephart, I apologize. If you’ve been waiting for another book recommendation or poem from Mr. Peasley’s desk, or painting to explore, I apologize. Instead I’ve been sleeping, trying to eat, resting, getting advice from dear friends and family, processing, dealing with back pain, avoiding the smell of shellfish and also getting a chance to catch up on The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place (I feel very connected with Lady Constance this time around!) and I owe the inspiration for the title of this email to the wonderful mind behind this series, Maryrose Wood.

However, this post is not to say goodbye, or to say that the project will be halted forever, instead it’s to fill you in on what’s been going on this side of the web, to apologize for the absence, but also to let you know that I do hope to continue, particularly as the summer and my second trimester are finally here! Here’s to more posts in the near future! (and do know that I have tried to continue posting on social media even during these last few months, so there’s always gathered articles and paintings there for you too!)

All the best,